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Coin show next weekend
Interest in coin collecting has grown in recent years and capitalizing on this hobby/investment is as simple as attending the 46th consecutive Texarkana Coin Show planned March 30-31 at the Texarkana Convention Center on Cowhorn Creek Road. The fascination ...
Coin collectors gather in Longmont to trade wares, stories
Lindeman said he got into coin collecting because his grandfather participated in the hobby. But Lindeman, from Broomfield, was drawn to collecting ancient coins because they offer a glimpse into history. He opened up the glass case and plucked out an ...
US Coins ? A Rooftop Connection Over Coin Collecting
I often talk to hobbyists about coin collecting and what the hobby means to them, and how and when they were introduced to coin collecting in the first place. You never know when you will run into a budding collector. Just yesterday, as I was up on the ...
The Pawcatuck Coin Club: Members recount their passion
It can be easily stated that this is a group of passionate numismatists (those who study coins), committed to their hobby. For Scott Rottinghaus, an infectious disease doctor by profession, his coin-collecting hobby has permeated many facets of his life ...
Coin collecting
Sartre called coin collecting a hobby for dull old men. Well, I started collecting as a dull young man 60 years ago. I?ve been selling coins too, for more than half that time. But Sartre was wrong. I can hardly calculate how much numismatics has ...
Why Coin Collecting is a Favorite Past Time
Coin collecting is a cherished hobby amongst collectors and often sparks many fond memories. Endless nights searching through sacks of coins and coin rolls in hopes of coming across a Wheat Penny, a Buffalo Nickel, or a Seated Liberty come to mind for some.
The Amazon Hobby Shop is your new favorite page on the internet
Trust us, it?s time to let your nerd flag fly and say hello to your new favorite page on the internet ... model kits, coin collecting, stamp collecting, pinewood derby or any other similar hobby item, you?re going to find it in Amazon?s Hobby ...
Brockton numismatist makes sense out of coin collecting
Richard Hand Jr., who is a ?numismatist,? or someone who collects or ... and to the history of what its made out of,? Hand said. Hand said that coin collecting became a ?graying hobby,? as children nowadays are more interested in electronic ...


Acune Reunir
Moneda Antigua Reune
Monedas Antiguedad Pasatiempo

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Moneda que recoge el - A de la manía que conmemora la pasión
El casi 90% de la población total del mundo tiene, en cualquier momento de tiempo en su vida, tomado un gander en la manía de recoger de la moneda. Cierto porcentaje de esto ha tomado el tema del Read more...
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